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 A Vacuum Full of Bees [NO FUNDS] 
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16 minutes ago
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Real Money
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Dota Items
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Trade your skins instantly
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I buy entire inventories of every type, whether it be CSGO, TF2, DOTA 2, or Steam Community inventories. I pay cash reliably, and I'm a trading site admin with a storied trading history. Feel free to steamrep me if you're doubtful.

If interested, add me to discuss!

 Elveo CSGOBI#*%  wrote: (2 years ago)
Hey , having corrupted hunter's helm , see ya
 Slayer Gnome  wrote: (2 years ago)
i can give you +rep on steam and csgo lounge for cheap skins you dont need!
 Gonda  wrote: (2 years ago)
I will trade my tf 2 inv
 Creepa | #*%  wrote: (2 years ago)
could I offer you a frontside misty for $9? field-tested. Sorry, I'm short on money right now.
 MyNameJeff  wrote: (2 years ago)
I can sell you my entire tf2 inv plus give you plus reputation, not really looking for much, just want to flush out my accout
 theRTIST [IT]  wrote: (2 years ago)
i can give you my full tf2 inventory
 ♛.:#VANESSA::.♕.  wrote: (2 years ago)
hy trade
 J3sp3rs3N CSGOHUB.GG  wrote: (2 years ago)
Selling my whole dota 2 inventory worth around 22 euros, add me to discuss :)
 Elveo CSGOBI#*%  wrote: (2 years ago)
Hey , all my TF2 And Dota 2 item ( my dota 2 item is a Corrupted Hunter's Helm , he's on market ) Add me !
 ChazBaz  wrote: (2 years ago)
Add me, selling my dota 2 inventory:)
 The Barnacle  wrote: (2 years ago)
 Dehame | k#*%  wrote: (2 years ago)
trade my tf2 inventory
 jimbattleaxe  wrote: (2 years ago)
i can give you f2 toants if you want
 WubMuffin  wrote: (2 years ago)
tf2 inventory Interested?
 JANET LIM-NAPOLES  wrote: (2 years ago)
my tf2 invent
 Dracarys  wrote: (2 years ago)
Hi! I have Corrupts Gloves of the Admirable Almirant.. see ya!
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 Milos | StraMade  wrote: (2 years ago)
How much? (steam wallet code)
 Mr. Philopedo  wrote: (2 years ago)
have a full tf2 invintory worth $635.81 if your down im selling it for $600
 Delta42  wrote: (2 years ago)
Do you buy really cheap inventories?
 Lagersparadice  wrote: (1 year ago)
please add me back on steam
 EagleOnFire  wrote: (1 year ago)
Hi, I have a hood of lucid(corrupt), I wanna sell him do you wanna buy him for 45 Euro? He is 67Euro On the market. Add me on steam: ReinierOnFire
 Stroppa  wrote: (1 year ago)
Is it okay if we do this with ? I can set up the items with the price and you can just puchase the skins there.
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